la purification des coeurs

De la souffrance les âmes les plus solides ont émergés, les caractères les plus massifs sont pleins de cicatrices,
et leurs descendances pleins de compassion réconfort, content de l’expérience reçu
“No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education,
to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility.
All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently,
builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable,
more worthy to be called the children of God . . . and it is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation,
that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven.”
― Orson F. Whitney
“The spirit of the gospel is optimistic;
it trusts in God and looks on the bright side of things.
The opposite or pessimistic spirit drags men down and away from God,
looks on the dark side, murmurs, complains, and is slow to yield obedience.”
“The redemption of Zion is more than the purchase or recovery of lands,
the building of cities, or even the founding of nations.
It is the conquest of the heart, the subjugation of the soul,
the sanctifying of the flesh, the purifying and ennobling of the passions.
Sound moral principle is the only sure evidence of strength, the only firm foundation of greatness and perpetuity.
Where this is lacking, no man’s character is strong; no nation’s life can be lasting.
There is nothing so important, so imperative, as the delivery of the divine message that has been entrusted to us.

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